> I have to agree to that...but Distance learning is no-more "distance" learing
> with these online-technologies....what does the word distance mean
> when there is a virtual class taken by a proffessor and u can interact 
> in real-time and do things which u can do in on a "on-campus" course...

Distance isn't the problem.  It is the medium (2D screens, a limited field
of view, little chance for informal personal contact) and the size of the
audience.  You can't interact real-time and do things you can do in an
"on-campus" course, at least not if your audience is scaled large enough
to bring the costs of education down (remember, we are arguing about
Druckers vision, here). If you have 300 students taking a course, you
can't participate in meaningful discussion even if you are in the same
room.  How would they do it if they were scattered about the globe,
looking at video screens and speaking into microphones? 

> The learing IS there but the synergy of  a class-room discussion is lost
> ..which I think is more due to our personal prejudices towards technology
> etc...

I don't think it is a prejudice as much as it is a limitation of the
technology.  Maybe it would work in some sort of VR-type environment, but
not with regular cameras.