N&O article & copyright forms

Two items:
1- The front page of today's News & Oserver has an article on telemedicine
that is n place at Eastern Carolian University.  On page 4A, they describe
the system,
"Doctors sit in small, soundproof suites at Pitt County Memorial Hospital to
meet patients who ar visible on 25-inch television screens.  Cameras capture
compressed video images transmitted over high speed phone lines.
Patients at remote clinics or hospitals see the doctors on screens too. 
Their doctors use distance stethoscopes, ultrasound devices and cameras that
magnify patients' eyes, skin, and inner ears."
The interesting thing is that this program is one of five in the country
which has been approved for medicare payments.  Where there is funding, I
believe that the technology will grow.  

2- I found a URL for the US copyright office to download copyright forms. 
They have forms in the following categories:
- literary arts
- performing arts
- sound recordings
- visual arts
 - serials
 - renewals of copyright
 - restored work
 - mask works (for semi-conductor chips)
It's interesting to me that there is such variety in forms - visual

Serena Fenton
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