Media Demos of Player-less Audio Broadcasting (fwd)

Vosaic Audio for Java, announced worldwide last week, will be exclusively
demonstrated to the media at InternetWorld, Mar. 12-15, Los Angeles 
Convention Center.  Highlights of the demonstration will include live radio
broadcasting and individual audio streams on request.  

Vosaic Audio for Java is the first audio streaming system which runs 
without a proprietary player.
Call Mitch Koppel or Allyson Stinchfield (312) 541-8787 or e-mail at
mkoppel@msn.com to confirm an appointment for private demonstration in 
Press Suite Room 11.  Copy of announcement release follows:
								Mitch Koppel/ Phil Dunne
								MINKUS & DUNNE
								312/ 541-8787


A revolutionary server-less, plug-in free, firewall-busting, Java-based sound
streaming system for the Web

	FEBRUARY 26, 1997 (Chicago, IL) --- Vosaic L.L.C. today announced the
introduction of what is believed to be the first pure Java-based sound
streaming system using the global ITU standard, GSM audio, VOSAIC Audio for
Java.  It is a Java revolution in the making as it enables Web masters to
easily include audio on their web pages and take advantage of Java's unique
cross-platform capabilities.  All major browsers are totally compliant;
simply point and click on a VOSAIC Audio for Java enabled HTML web page and
immediately listen to audio...no plug-ins to fuss with, no installation
routines to screw up your machine.  It is simply no-brainer, push-button,
turn-on-the-radio simplicity to hear audio over the Net.
	"Vosaic has created an exciting new multimedia enhancement for the Web which
I believe will become an important part of how we communicate globally," says
Lana Coronado, Director of Worldwide Information Technology Services at CNNfn
Interactive, a leading financial news network in New York City.  "Music,
news, teaching and training will become the staple of the Web and Vosaic's
 unique Java-based audio streaming system is a big step forward --- an ideal
way to enhance anyone's Web site."
	The VOSAIC Audio for Java authoring tool is also revolutionary in its
simplicity.  Based on pure Java, it works on all platforms and makes use of
the global ITU standards for sound, the GSM audio codec, into a universal
audio sound source that is used in most of the world's cellular phone
systems.  The VOSAIC Audio for Java authoring tool takes the universally
available WAV and AIFF files as sound sources and simply applies the built-in
auto-conversion tool and GSM sound compressor to immediately generate VOSAIC
Audio for Java compliant sound files for instant audio streaming over the
Net.  Once converted, simply add a simple HTML statement to the Web page and
start streaming off any Web server immediately.
	"What Vosaic has done with this new technology has changed the entire
business model for multimedia and the Internet.  No longer is the installed
base or number of plug-ins downloaded a factor.  This VOSAIC Audio for Java
is by far the easiest system there is to use.  This is what multimedia and
the Web should be and this is what is going to make the Web come alive...a
paradigm shift for both Intra and Internets and the new broadcast ExtraNets
(BxNets)," says Jeff Marshall, Senior Managing Director of Communications
Technology at Bear, Stearns & Co, Inc., a leading investment firm on Wall
	The VOSAIC Audio for Java sound streaming also provides tremendous value for
money.  For a limited time only, VOSAIC Audio for Java is FREE for
downloading.  Unlike other audio streaming systems, VOSAIC Audio for Java is
a flat-rate, $ 249 each, UNLIMITED audio streaming system. "Web operators and
content providers will no longer will feel constrained by other audio
casters' usurious per-stream-pricing, dollars per hit or percent of revenue
demands. They are now free to let audio be the universally accepted medium it
was meant to be since the days of Marconi and BBC World radio", says Stuart
Johnstone, CEO and co-founder of Vosaic L.L.C. "Vosaic sees the delivery of
audio over the Web as the fundamental basis of global human communications.
 As such, we believe the delivery of audio should be a commodity, available
to all ubiquitously and for the benefit of the planet.  Look to Vosaic in the
near future to deliver a number of exciting musical and special events in
concert with content partners", states Johnstone. 
	VOSAIC Audio for Java has the capability to punch through most known
firewalls so that content creators/providers can be relatively confident that
their message is punching through to the rest of the world.  As GSM can be
easily streamed through 28.8 modems, the world becomes the author's oyster.
	Coming soon---look out for VOSAIC Stereo for Java using Dolby Laboratories
famous AC3 codec, known as DOLBY Net, and for VOSAIC Radio for Java, the
unicasting, multicasting audio streaming system for "live" events.
	Vosaic L.L.C. is in the visual and audio IP-network telecommunications
business and was founded in 1996 to research, develop, and commercialize
technologies arising out of the University of Illinois's Systems Research
Group (comprised of Digital Computer Labs and the NCSA). Vosaic L.L.C. is
located at 1248 North Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Il 60610, Phone +(312)
943-6764, FAX  +(312) 943-6765 and on the web at <http://www.vosaic.com>.  

						# # #
Edior's Notes: 
- visit the Vosaic homepage to run the instant playing, streaming VOSAIC
Audio for Java 
- call or E-mail <madpr@mcimail.com> or mkoppel@msn.com for evaluation
- trademarks are properties of their respective trademark owners.