Spam busters

Don Crabb: Crustacean-at-Large

Crusty has often written about the idiocies of spamming -- the
practice of sending junk e-mail or subscribing someone to a
listserver list without their knowledge and consent. Word now
comes to your Carapacious Reporter that QualComm, makers of the
famous Eudora e-mail software that he uses everyday, will soon
sport an "anti-Spam" feature. Based on Eudora's already dandy
mail filters, this new anti-spam command will allow users to
easily identify known spam return addresses and other e-mail
harrassers and automatically dump those messages before they are
read. In addition, the feature will let you send an automatic
message to the postmaster of the offending e-mail address
notifying them of the obnoxious behavior of the spammers using
their service. Not quite the Federal death penalty that Crusty
has called for w.r.t. spammers, but a start in the right direction.

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