310: Next Generation Internet on NPR

Tomorrow on NPR's Talk of the Nation, Science Friday there will be a
discussion of the "next generation internet". Let's see if these people
have a clue. TOTN can be heard on 91.5 WUNC - "Your public radio station".


                 Most of us are linked to the Internet through connections
                 that carry 45 megabits--or million bits--of data per

	[Jeez - who's the "us" that's got 45Mbps?! Try 28.8Kbps... -WJM]

		 But some scientists are enjoying a connection more than
                 ten times as fast--they're logging onto a new,
                 high-performance Net. In this hour of Science Friday,
		 we'll be talking about this new network and the research
		 it's making possible. Plus, we'll talk about where the
		 original Internet is headed, and the status of the
		 Communications Decency Act.

    Guests:      Mark Luker
                 Program Director, NSFNet
                 National Science Foundation
                 Arlington, VA

                 Ahmed Kassem
                 Director, Academic Computing and Networking
                 University of Illinois at Chicago
                 Chicago, IL

                 Andrew Kantor
                 Westport, CT