At Least One News Show Gets It (fwd)

A good amusing story relating to child protection and censorship ...

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Subject: At Least One News Show Gets It (fwd)

>ABC's overnight news show, World News Now, has a recurring segment called
>"World News Then", where they air pieces of ABC News broadcasts as they
>covered various important events of the past. Last night being April 1st,
>they decided that instead of running a piece from a few decades ago, it
>would be more interesting to go back a few millennia. One of the stories
>they rebroadcast was the following report from 2400 BC:
>  "Egypt's emerging papyrus technology continues to alarm parents and law
>  enforcement. A new bill introduced today would let the government regulate
>  material found on papyrus. Legislators said paperspace, as it is known to
>  so-called 'writers,' is becoming a haven for monotheists, con artists and
>  worse hoping to prey on the young and gullible. A little bit later in this
>  broadcast we will have some tips on how to shield your children from
>  offensive and dangerous material found on the dangerous papyrus."