310: Re: Yahoo People Search - Frequently Asked Questions

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Chris Brannon wrote:

>From Yahoo
> >What happened to the "search by telephone number" feature?
> >
> >We have elected to discontinue the reverse lookup feature because of
> >privacy concerns that have been raised by users.
> Regards,
> Chris

Actually, this is not the case. if you go to:


you can type in a phone number and get a last name; then it is as simple
as going to:


and typing in the last name and state (and/or city), and voila....

It is interesting that the Yahoo service is provided by Four11
(www.four11.com/), but on the Four11 site this option is unavailable - you
have to jump through a few hoops to suppress your number:

"I don't want my telephone information listed with Four11

To request changes, removals or additions to the telephone data, you must
provide your telephone number, name, full residential address, and the
reason for the suppression. Please contact Four11 Support with this
information. Please note, these requests cannot be processed unless all
the required information is supplied."

Note that if they didn't already have all of your information, they do
now! (Cynical? I think not!)

John ("I'm not a stalker, but I play one on TV.")

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