CS 244a VXtreme Classes

latest in streaming low bandwidth video...
From: Jim Gogan <gogan@hermes.oit.unc.edu>
To: its@unc.edu
Subject: CS 244a VXtreme Classes

For folks interested in seeing how the combination of streaming
on-demand video with synchronized audio and synchronized viewing of
slides/overheads for educational delivery can be done TODAY even over
low-bandwidth links, check out

You will need to have the VXtreme plug-in for your browser.  The above
page has a link to get the plug-in.  (Last time I checked, VXtreme had
the Web Theater Client available only for Win 95/NT.)

I find it wonderfully appropriate that this is a Network Protocols class
much like the one I teach ..... Maybe next year, I can just point my
class to this URL   :-)

-- jg