ALA electronic resources policy

As a follow-up to Wednesday's discussion on giving Internet access to
children, the ALA policy on access to electronic information. services and
networks can be found at:


The policy was released on January 24, 1996.  A particularly relevant
passage reads:

"Some information accessed electronically may not meet a library's
selection or collection development policy. It is, therefore, left to each
user to determine what is appropriate. Parents and legal guardians who are
concerned about their children's use of electronic resources should
provide guidance to their own children. 

Libraries and librarians should not deny or limit access to information
available via electronic resources because of its allegedly controversial
content or because of the librarian's personal beliefs or fear of
confrontation. Information retrieved or utilized electronically should be
considered constitutionally protected unless determined otherwise by a
court with appropriate jurisdiction.

Libraries, acting within their mission and objectives, must support access
to information on all subjects that serve the needs or interests of
each user, regardless of the user's age or the content of the material."

The document is a fairly interesting read and contains mechanisms for
libraries to defend themselves against challenges to electronic
materials.  Hope this helps.

Mark Koyanagi  \(^_^)/
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina -- CH