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DataChannel Announces Support of Netscape Netcaster    
        April 16, 1997 03:01 PM EDT


 ChannelManager to Provide Corporate IS with Database Control of Channels 

 BELLEVUE, Wash., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- DataChannel, the leader in
enterprise webcasting software, today announced its support of the new
Netcaster technology incorporated into Netscape's Communicator browser.
DataChannel's ChannelManager product is th e only webcast product that allows
IS administrators to manage Web channels, external newsfeeds, PC applications
and legacy corporate data -- all within a customized desktop. ChannelManager's
in-browser mode will take advantage of the new Communicator cap abilities such
as the "webtop" screensaver mode, offline browsing, channel plug-ins and
automatic software distribution.

 "Our ChannelManager product works hand in hand with Netscape's Channel
Finder", said Dave Pool, President and CEO of DataChannel. "The new channel
delivery enhancements within Netscape Communicator allow us to focus on what
DataChannel does best: Total c ustomization for companies to build their own
enterprise channels, real-time push notification and centralized database

 DataChannel was recently reviewed by Forrester Research (Note 1) and
positioned as one of the few webcast vendors providing "Full, intelligent,
interactive suites," along with Netscape and Yahoo!

    About ChannelManager

 DataChannel's ChannelManager offers companies with corporate intranets and
content developers an open, standards-based platform for the development of
next generation "intelligent push" software. Adapted to support the webcasting
features of Netscape Com municator and other browser platforms, ChannelManger
provides the following unique features:

 * Channel-based Multicast, supporting real-time push notification based on
industry-standard TIBCO technology. Allowing considerable network bandwidth
savings, the multicast approach allows one-packet netcasts to reach thousands
of employee desktops in r eal-time and simultaneously.

 * Using database-driven channel management, ChannelManager provides a
database schema for managing channels and assigning a customized look and feel
by company department or by individual. (ChannelManager's database schema
supports any ODBC and JDBC-comp liant database.)

 * "Build your own Company Channel" for the Enterprise, allows companies to
migrate existing Web HTML content, legacy databases and applications as well
as new channel content onto customized browser desktops. With ChannelManager,
companies, not their inf ormation vendors, control channels on employee

 * "Drag and drop" of channels assigned to department desktops provides an IS
administrator with dynamic control of channel-related network traffic on their

    About DataChannel

 Based in Bellevue, Washington, DataChannel is a pioneer in the enterprise
webcasting market. Their first product, ChannelManager(TM) combines the power
of Microsoft's Active Desktop (Nasdaq: MSFT) or Netscape's Constellation
(Nasdaq: NSCP) with a Java-ba sed architecture and database engine (Nasdaq:
SUNW). It is the first and only corporate Webcast solution that allows IS
managers to manage Web channels, external newsfeeds, PC applications and
legacy corporate data within a customizable employee desktop e nvironment.
DataChannel's tools enable corporations to get the right information to the
right person at the right time.

 Additional information about DataChannel and can be found at

 Footnote 1: Source: Forrester Research Inc., Cambridge, MA SOURCE DataChannel

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