Robin Miller

WHO Robin "roblimo" Miller

WHEN Monday February 11 at 4 pm
WHERE Freedom Forum Conference Room - Carroll Hall 3rd Floor
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

WHAT Everything you need to know to make money on the Internet
A Talk with Questions and Answers


Robin 'Roblimo' Miller is editor in chief for OSDN, one of the world's leading online tech news publishers. He has written extensively about computers and the Internet for Slashdot,, NewsForge, Time New Media, Online Journalism Review, Web Hosting Magazine, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and many other Web sites, newspapers, and magazines.

He is one of the creators of modern interactive journalism, invented a self-serve online ad sales system that eliminates virtually all sales costs, and has served as an Internet business consultant to several Fortune 500 companies ,and many Internet entrepreneurs.

Miller's latest project is the book "Habits of Highly Successful Online Companies: Rules for Building Profits" for Financial Times Press/Prentice Hall , tentatively scheduled for release in May, 2002.

He was one of the earliest "professional" online writers, starting back in the early days of services like CompuServe and GEnie, and has also written well over 1000 articles for assorted (offline) newspapers, magazines, and industry newsletters.

Before becoming a full-time writer and editor, Miller operated a small limousine service in the Baltimore/Washington area and wrote freelance part-time. "I never intended to make writing and editing a full-time profession," he says. "It was purely accidental. There are many more talented editors and writers out of work who could easily replace me. I still keep one limousine in my driveway just in case my bosses ever figure this out."

Robin was born in 1952. He spent 11 years studying classroom instruction methods in California and Arizona, then earned an ASEE from the U.S. Army Intelligence School at Ft. Devens. He is also a "perennial student" at the university that produced writer Mark Twain, philosopher Eric Hoffer, and many other notable 19th and 20th century thinkers. Robin and his wife, Debbie, maintain households in Bradenton, Florida, and Elkridge, Maryland.

Contact: Paul Jones