Announcement of August 29th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion

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What: Continuing discussion of Open Source, Open Format and Open Content at SILS and UNC When: Friday noon August 29 Where: 208 Manning Hall Who: SILS brownbaggers and others interested in Openness at UNC Convener: Paul Jones and Phillip Edwards (but I'll be glad to share the responsibilities)

Open approaches to research, teaching, and service are changing many of our fields whether or not we're prepared for the changes. We would like to come together to find our common interests, challenges, and opportunities so that together we can be ahead of the curve in our various fields.

This meeting will be a follow on to our July 9th meeting. Notes from that meeting can be found here on my wiki. Feel free not only to read but to amend by additions, corrections etc.Note that video and audio of that meeting is also available from the link above.

Many of us in SILS make use of open source technologies, of open source licenses (like GPL and Creative Commons), of open access journals (like PLoS journals), and favor open access to information. One of the world's most successful Open Source companies is our neighbor (Red Hat) and other companies with strong interest in open source hire our graduates (including IBM, Cisco and others). Many of us use and even contribute to the opensource ecosystem (like all of ibiblio and open-video). In 2010, the theme for the Triangle-hosted World Wide Web Conference will be Open Source, OpenAccess, Open Formats.

Now is the time for all good people to come and begin a more serious discussion on how we, as a school, can make a coherent place in our teaching, research, and service for the way of openness.

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