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Paul asks...

How should we celebrate 15 years of Suggest here or on this wiki:

Cristobal M. Palmer: schwag: hats, shirts (polo and tee), posters, pens, notepads, mugs, etc. We should sell them during Software Freedom Day (Sept. 14th).

Don Sizemore: create ibiblio "societies" like SILS and WCPE use in their fundraisers, and introduce a top-level page listing and thanking our society members. but what to name the tiers? ibiblio information enthusiasts? metalab meal tickets?

Donald Ball: Reunion party!!!

Anton Zuiker: T-shirts. I'll wear one.

Bascha Harris: Party like it's 1992?

Aaron Fulkerson: By people lighting themselves on fire in order to simulate what it would be like to approach the sun. Real suggestion at the wiki.

Ruby Sinreich: Highlight each year of ibiblio's work for a month. Make a tour of some of the amazing projects and collections that have lived there over the years. Also, if you could have a party where I can meet Rev. Stang, I'd be eternally grateful.

Jay Cuthrell: Viking funeral for the original disk array

Lorraine Eakin: Um, I'm not good at this kind of stuff but, people voting for their best ibiblio sites, with the top so-many featured on the front?

Kevin Sonney: tough call. I say BEER!

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