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JOMC 490.4 Related News Stories and Web Pages, etc.

Tibet Tech stories

Social Networks for the Animal Kingdom (contributed by Carolyn)

Meatspace for Pets:

  • Catster: Tagline - Welcome to Catster, Where Every Cat has a Webpage
  • Dogster: Tagline -- ditto

Showing Off:

Wednesdays at the Center series: Contributed by Carolyn

John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary & Internation Studies, Duke University

  • All sessions meet 12:00 to 1:00, Wednesdays, in Room 240 of the John Hope Franklin Center

Three related to JOMC 490 learning objectives/discussions:

  • September 27: Portraying a Social Disaster: How the Media Makes Sense out of Chaos
  • October 4: HASTAC: InFormation InCommon
  • November 1: Free Design and the Open-Source Hardware Movement

An interesting link about the privacy policy on Facebook: contributed by Molly

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