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Grading for JOMC 449.001

If you are taking this class as a graduate level course, you will be graded on the L, P and H scale.

If you are taking this class as an undergraduate, we will be grading on the JOMC A -- F scale.

Satisfactory performance in this course will include successful work in all of these areas (failure to complete any area will result in an L or F as your final grade):

   * contribution to class discussions (seminar and e-mail and wiki) - 35%
   * presentation and leadership of Community Study discussion - 30%
   * completion of hypertext discussion of your Community Study linked to this syllabus - 10%
   * personal and/or class blog with at least 3 entries per week - 25%
   * extra credit for podcasts. vblogs, and other innovations used in your blogs more than once

Late submissions will be penalized

survey to choose the regular class assignment

Instructor: Paul Jones | 213 Manning Hall | | 919-360-7740 | AIM, gTalk, Gizmo, Skype, FaceBook: smalljones

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