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Open Document Format is already supported by many Open Source projects as well as Google's document services and will soon have at least functional Microsoft support in the form of an Open XML Translator. You can Download the MSFT Word 2007 Convertor here.

Open formats are essential for long term preservation as our archivists know.

ODF "has been developed by a variety of organizations and is publicly accessible. This means it can be implemented into any system, be it open source or a closed proprietary product, without royalties. The OpenDocument format is intended to provide an open alternative to proprietary document formats so organizations and individuals can avoid being locked in to a single vendor." (says Wikipedia where things are often done right ;->).


ODF reference sources

ODF News (in the USA)

Mass Ongoing Experience

Classes of ODF use for SILS

  1. imperative
  2. appropriate
  3. sure why not?
  4. inappropriate
  5. impossible (reason)

Notable ODF Blog Posts

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