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Schedule for JOMC 490.004 -- Blogging, We the Media and Virtual Communities

August 23 - 31 -- Jones in India

Begin to define 'community' and to define questions

What questions? you may ask.

The point at this point is to be open to questions that you have now at the beginning of the semester about virtual communities, blogging and citizen media. That is, to ask in intelligent and more detailed ways: What is all of this? Why does it matter? and What does it mean to me and to the society in which I would like to live?

I hope our readings, discussion and even our visitors will help us not only probe those questions, but also to ask more complex versions of those and other questions.

In this case (heck, in most cases in education), questions and learning to form them are good skills to develop.

For next meeting, read "Introduction: Weblogs, Rhetoric, Community and Culture" in "Into the Blogosphere"


Wednesday September 6

-- Introduction to Blogs and community

Community is best defined as a network of social relations marked by mutuality and emotional bonds. - Thomas Bender. Community and Social Change in America.

A real community need not consist of people who are perpetually together; but it must consist of people, who precisely because they are comrades, have mutual access to one another and are ready for one another. Martin Buber. Paths to Utopia

OED on Community

For next meeting, read "Blogs as Virtual Communities: Identifying a Sense of Community in the Julie/Julia Project" and "Imagining the Blogosphere: An Introduction to the Imagined Community of Instant Publishing" in "Into the Blogosphere"

Ferdinand Tonnies - On Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft see also a very nice Wikipedia entry on G and G.

Change! Please read "Culture Clash: Journalism and the Communal Ethos of the Blogosphere" for Monday as well. Author Brian Carroll will visit with us on Monday.

Monday September 11

-- Discuss Blogs and Communities

Guest Brian Carroll, author of the paper "Culture Clash: Journalism and the Communal Ethos of the Blogosphere"

For next meeting, read "Blogging as Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Weblog" in "Into the Blogosphere"

Source Effects in Users' Perception of Online News Comparing Source Effects (Self, Computer, Editors, Others) on the preceptions of online news by Shyam Sundar of Penn State.

Wednesday September 13

– Discuss Blogosphere readings

For next meeting, begin "We the Media" by reading the Introduction and From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond

Thursday September 14

What: MySpace, YourSpace, FaceBook and Social Networking

Who: Social Networking researcher danah boyd

    Her site
    Her blog  

When: 2 pm Thursday September 14

Where: Toy Lounge, Dey Hall, UNC-CH

More on danah boyd:

You can ask questions in advance to Social Networking researcher danah boyd! An addition to the danah boyd visit announcement (Thursday, Sept 14, 2 pm, Toy Lounge)

Our discussion will be structured by audience questions. Attendees are invited to submit questions in advance. Questions may be posted as comments to the blog post noted below, or submitted to Fred Stutzman at fred at We'll structure a discussion that will be open and wide-ranging from your questions.

Full description and question submission information here:

Monday September 18

-- Introduction to We the Media and to Dan Gillmor and the Bayosphere

For next meeting, read The Read-Write Web and The Gates Come Down

Web Users Open the Gates by Jay Rosen

Wednesday September 20

"Tired of Trolls, a Feisty Chief Fights Back" Article on Patent Trolls mentioned in class and hidden behind the TimesSelect paywall.

For next meeting, read Newmakers Turn the Tables and TheConsent of the Governed

Monday September 25

First the wandering We, the Media blog. It begins as promised at the book’s publisher’s site O’Reilly and Associates as We, the Media. Then it moves to a TypePad location where it is called Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism, Etc. After a brief while there, it moves again to Dan’s new project in citizen journalism, Bayosphere … of, by, and for the Bay Area. Then it moves again to the Center for Citizen Media

For next meeting, read Professional Journalists Join the Conversation and The Former Audience Joins the Party

Wednesday September 27

For next meeting, read Next Steps and Trolls, Spin, and the Boundaries of Trust

Also, in Class related News, see Duke's Wednesdays at the Center public lecture series. Contributed by Carolyn.

Thursday September 28

What: Care of the Self in the Hyperreal, a lecture by Professor Mark Poster (UC-Irvine)

  • "This lecture will focus on TV reality shows and cosmetic surgery as informed by the work of Foucault and Baudrillard."

When: September 28 5:00 pm

Where: Duke -- 153 Rubenstein Hall, Sanford Institute

Submitted by Carolyn

Monday October 2

For next meeting, read Here Comes the Judges (and Lawyers) and The Empire Strikes back

Bloggers vs. Journalists is Over by Jay Rosen

cached version of Rosen article

Wednesday October 4

Jay Rosen of Press Think visits our class.

For next meeting, read Making Our Own News and Epilogue

Also read Mark Granovetter's Strength of Weak Ties

Thursday October 5

JOMC Fall Colloquium series on Thursday Oct. 5, at 2 pm in Room 340 (Research Center), Carroll Hall.

Who: S. Shyam Sundar, College of Communications, Penn State University

Bio: Dr. S. Shyam Sundar is an associate professor and founding director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University's College of Communications, where he teaches courses in media effects, technology, and research methodology. Sundar holds a PhD in communication (with minor in psychology) from Stanford University, a master's in communication from the University of Alabama (with an emphasis on journalism), and bachelor's degrees in engineering as well as communication from India. His research investigates social and psychological effects of technological elements unique to Web-based mass-communication. His empirical studies have been published in a variety of journals, including Behaviour & Information Technology, Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Media Psychology, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, and Journal of Advertising, among others.

Title of Talk: The Social Psychology of Interactivity in Online Mass Communication

Abstract: Interactivity is arguably the single most important feature that distinguishes online mass communication from traditional mass communication, yet there's widespread disagreement about what it is. This talk will address the conceptual confusion and controversy in the literature by arguing that although interactivity pervades the entire process of Web-based mass communication, it holds different meanings when associated with different elements of communication models. In particular, the talk will illustrate the conceptualization of interactivity as a source feature, and contrast it with interactivity as a modality feature and interactivity as a message feature, by discussing one experimental study under each of these three categories of interactivity conceptualizations. The psychological effects observed in these studies will be integrated into a theoretical model of interactivity effects.

More information on the fall colloquium series here.

Monday October 9

– Summarize We the Media and reflect on Jay Rosen visit

For out next meeting, read the Forward, Preface and Part 1 of The Internet and Everyday Life

Readings#Paul.27s_in-Class_Suggestions: Most of the books and reading and references discussed in class today are here.

Wednesday October 11

The Internet and Everyday Life

For next meeting, read Chaper 10 Capitalizing on the Net

Monday October 16

Capitalizing on the Net

For next meeting, read Chapter 12 The Not So Global Village of Netville

Wednesday October 18

The Not So Global Village of Netville

For next meeting, read Chapter 13 Email, Gender and Personal Relationships

Examples of presentation/papers/blogs from last semester

Monday October 23

Email, Gender and Personal Relationships

For next meeting, read Chapter 14 Belonging in Geographic, Ethnic and Internet Spaces

Pew Internet Demographic Studies

Wednesday October 25

Belonging in Geographic, Ethnic and Internet Spaces
Prof. Hosoon Chang's presentation on OhMyNews PDF PowerPoint (Thanks to Yeri Shin)

For next meeting, read Preece (1 -- 4)

Thursday October 26

Craig Silverstein, Google Tech Director
Date:	Thursday, October 26, 2006
Time:	4:00pm - 5:30pm
Venue:	Medical Biomolecular Research Building 

Health Sciences Library is sponsoring a talk with Criag Silverstein, Google Tech Director. You must register to attend! And you can also submit questions for Craig to answer. There will be a panel to quiz him which will include Dean Jose-marie Griffiths, Fred Stutzman, Dean Barbara Rimer, Library head Carol Jenkins, and Paul Jones.

Monday October 30

Looking at online communities, sociability and usability

For next meeting, read Preece (5 -- 6)

About those presentations, here are some suggestions that helped folks last year:
 # choose a virtual community or blog
 # describe the community or blog in terms we’ve used in the class (relate to readings in Gillmor 
   and Into the Blogosphere and others where appropriate)
 # evaluate the community’s or blogs potentials and inherent conflicts and resolutions
 # does the community or blog develop trust? how? is it an example of citizen journalism? how?(Gillmor)
 # are there hierarchies in place? are issues of gender or age or ethnicity or other issues and raised in 
   Internet in Every Day Life readings — who are the community of readers and participants? is the social network
 # are “loose ties” apparent (Granovetter)? how do they work in this community or blog?
 # how does the interface (see Preece) allow for sociability or block social interactions?

Wednesday November 1

What research says about Interpersonal Communications and Groups

For next meeting, read Preece (7 -- 9)

Tetsura Tomita's Media Gap (1980)

Monday November 6

Developing online communities part 1

For next meeting, read the rest of Preece (10 -- 12)

Japan Times profile of Blogger, WoW Guild leader, and internet entrepreneur Joi Ito.

Gannett opens to citizen media in a big way. report

Poynter/Romenesko has the Gannett internal document on the "newsroom of the future" including questions, answers and a glossary in five entries.

The Memo from Craig Dubow
FAQ Page 1
FAQ Page 2
FAQ Page 3
FAQ Page 4 and Glossary

Five Rules of the New Labor Pool from Wired

Craig Silverstein talk

Wednesday November 9

Developing online communities part 2 and summarizing Preece

From Class Discussion (IRB-related information):

From Carolyn

Monday November 13

Dan Gillmor visit

Teletruth (mentioned by Dan during his talk).

Greasemonkey (from; mentioned by Dan during his talk).

San Fran. Chronicle (no charge for archives; archives begins in 1995; mentioned by Dan during his talk).

Time Magazine Archives (mentioned by Dean in class).

Wednesday November 15

Social Capital discussion and lecture

America's Internet Disconnect

By Michael J. Copps a Democratic member of the Federal Communications Commission.

America's record in expanding broadband communication is so poor that it should be viewed as an outrage by every consumer and businessperson in the country. Too few of us have broadband connections, and those who do pay too much for service that is too slow. It's hurting our economy, and things are only going to get worse if we don't do something about it.

Monday November 20

Wednesday November 22

-- Thanksgiving

Monday November 27

– Your presentations

Wednesday November 29

– Your presentations

Monday December 4

– Your presentations

Wednesday December 6

- Your presentations

Instructor: Paul Jones | 213 Manning Hall | | 962-7600 | AIM, gTalk, Gizmo, Skype, FaceBook: smalljones

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