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15 Years of sunsite/Metalab/ibiblio2006 of ibiblio2007 - 08 of ibiblio
2007 of ibiblioAnnouncement of August 29th, 2008 Brown Bag DiscussionAnnouncement of July 9th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion
Answers to My QuestionBooks on Open Source and FreeCached version of Rosen article
Class BlogClass Blog 07Class Blog 08
Class related NewsClass related News 07Class related News 08
Computer Science 380Dedicated to OSExamples of presentation/papers/blogs from last semester
Five Principles of Open Source SoftwareFreeBSD vs GPL in picturesGrading
Grading 07Grading 08Highly Tentative Agenda for August 29th Discussion
IBM SUR BriefingINLS 697.001 2006INLS 697.001 2008
ISIS TechTuesdays Talk for January 23Ibiblio metricsIbiblio partners
Internet phenomena in The Long TailInternet phenomenon--Bonzai KittenInternet phenomenon--Ellen Feiss
Internet phenomenon--First PostInternet phenomenon--MC HawkingInternet phenomenon--Subservient Chicken
Internet phenomenon--The StarWars KidInternet phenomenon--Tourist GuyJOMC 449.001 2008
JOMC 449.001 2009JOMC 490.002 2007JOMC 490.004 2006
Local Governments and EducationMain PageMemories
NCREN CD HomeNCREN Community DayNCREN Community Day in Pages
NCREN and NLRNC resourcesNotable Projects
Notes from August 29th, 2008 Brown Bag DiscussionNotes from July 9th, 2008 Brown Bag DiscussionOCLC talk for May 2007
Open Document FormatOpen Source, Open Access, Open Format, Open Content at SILS and UNCOpen Source Licensing
Open Source Software for Public HealthOrphan Works ProblemOur Original Home Base
ReadingsReadings 07Readings 08
Readings on Open whatever, Culture and PolicyResources of sunsite/ibiblian HistorySILS Classes with Openness
ScheduleSchedule 07Schedule 08
Some of the databases on the latest SUR serversTimelineUNC SILS projects, papers, classes and software dealing with Open whatever
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