15 Years of sunsite/Metalab/ibiblio

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http://ibiblio.org/pjones/HouseLovesibiblio.jpg ibiblio's 15th recognized by the North Carolina House of Representatives.


Events being scheduled

October 30 - Bob Young, founder of Red Hat, Lulu and others.

November ?? - Panel of Open Source Entrepreneurs

January 19 - NC Science Bloggers Conference

February 8 - DJ Spooky

March 17? - One of 50 parties with Jimbo and Heather

Resources of sunsite/ibiblian History including Timelines, Press Kit, 2006 Annual Report, articles and interviews

15 Year Cycle

October 31, 2007 will be the 15th anniversary of the first public demo of sunsite.unc.edu at Educom in Baltimore. Yes there was a server named sunsite in place as early as May 1992 but our big debut and announcement was in October.

As some of you will remember, that announcement coincided with the complete and literal frying of the campus internet connectivity and if not for Judd Knott's quick thinking there would have been no demo at all. After the pipes -- steam and water -- broke above the routers and boiled the damn things like plastic and silicon lobsters, Judd had our server and disks driven out the MCNC and reconfigured so the demo could go on.

Now we're back with servers at MCNC in 2007.

I'm asking you to help us think of ways that we can celebrate those 15 years. Some of the ideas might be related to raising funds, some related to raising our profile internationally, some related to raising support, and some to raising a bit of anniversary hell even.

Be sure to check out the Talk page here for discussions already begun.

  1. Raise Funds
  2. Raise ibiblio's Profile Internationally
  3. Raise Support (What Kind of Support?)
  4. Raise a bit of Anniversary Celebration

Answers to My Question on Facebook

sunsite/MetaLab/ibiblio nostalgia

Memories - Sunsite Memories, etc.

Our Original Home Base - Stories from the basement of Wilson Library

User Requests - Unusual requests from users.

Timeline - Donald's brief and incomplete timeline (help me out, everyone!)

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