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* IBM Shared University Research Grant - $20,000
* IBM Shared University Research Grant - $20,000
* Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for folkstreams.net - $129,424
* Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for folkstreams.net - $129,424
=== Awards ===
=== Awards ===
2006 Knowledge Trust Honors Award for Innovation
2006 Knowledge Trust Honors Award for Innovation

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ibiblians change

Just one year ago, January 1, 2006, Fred Stutzman left ibiblio for the PhD program at the School of Information and Library Science.

Ken Chestnutt joined us, coming from Accipiter and bringing some strong large datacenter management skills, good humor and strong cooking skills.

A few months later Don Sizemore rejoined us, coming from NCSU. Don was an ibiblio student employee as an undergraduate in Journalism and later as a Master's student in Information Science. Don's deep understanding of the ongoing culture of ibiblio and his experience in user support have helped us greatly during our datacenter move.

ibiblio datacenter move

We negotiated a very good new relationship with MCNC and the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) in 2006 as a result we cut our bandwidth and hosting costs by 2/3. And that includes an increase of bandwidth up to a new level of 500 Mbs. The new hosting facilities have already proved much more reliable than our previous hosting and networking set up on campus. Not only is our uptime improved but our ability to deal with surges of requests has improved far beyond our wildest hopes (see ibiblio metrics note below).

Part of the benefits of moving to MCNC was improved usage of National Lambda Rail and a closer network research relationship with NCREN. Thanks to ibiblio traffic, the NLR link from MCNC to Atlanta is consistently the heaviest used link on NLR.

Here's the MCNC press release about the move.

We did the move of the entire datacenter with the planning and design and muscle power of Ken and Don and help from student employees -- Jonathan Mills in particular.


2002 2006
800 Collections 1600+ Collections
3 million ftp+www/day 15+ million ftp+www/day*
1 terabyte of data 8 terabytes of data
1 large server, 2 peripherals 22 www/vhosts
2 database servers 5 database servers
4 radio stations 7 radio stations
0 open-source projects 2 open-source projects

  • On December 12, 2006 -- Edvard Munch's birthday -- the Google logo link placed ibiblio's WebMuseum as the top Munch resource. That day we handled over 24 million requests in 24 hours! A great testimony to our server architecture and our great new hosting facilities at NCREN.

Collections don't shrink

ibiblio is now host to # collections. The largest is the ever popular etree.org web sites. 2006 marked tremendous change for the flagship site, db.etree with new '2.0' functionality implemented throughout using prototype, script.aculo.us, and rico. Included in the changes is inline editing of setlists. This enhancement has enabled thousands of updates to the database solidifying db's as the resource for live concert information online.

Speakers and Events

ibiblio participated in the organization and running of:

  • Podcastercon 2006. January 7, 2006. Co-organizers with Brian Russell.
  • North Carolina Press Association. February 24, 2006. Invited speaker on Emerging Technologies (Beyond Blogs and Pods).
  • LAUNC-CH Conference (Librarians' Association at UNC-Chapel Hill) Annual Conference. March 13, 2006. Invited speaker on "Library Collections of the Future."
  • US Environmental Protection Agency Web Workgroup Retreat. March 14, 2006. Invited Speaker.
  • "Open Source in the International Marketplace: What the Open Source Intellectual Property Movement Means for the Developed and Developing World." March 31, 2006. University of Pennsylvania Law School. Invited speaker.
  • Louis Round Wilson Academy European Meeting. April 25 - May 1, 2006. University of Granada. Featured speaker.
  • Beyond Broadcast. May 12 - 13. Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Harvard Law School. Invited speaker.
  • BarCamp RDU. July 22. Raleigh, NC. Organizing Committee.
  • "Owning the Future: Ideas and their role in the digital age." Red Hat India and Indian Institute of Technology sponsored symposium. August 24 - 25. Invited speaker.
  • Wilson Knowledge Trust Meetings. October 12 - 13. Invited participant.
  • "Expression, Repression & Association: What happens when intellectual property laws, social networks and privacy collide." The Evans Speakers Series: Expression & Repression. October 19. Berry College. Invited speaker.
  • Craig Silverstein of Google talk. Health Sciences Library lecture. October 26. Panel Moderator.
  • Raleigh News and Observer Staff Development Day. October 31. Invited Keynotespeaker.
  • "Open Source Licensing: The Basics, The Benefits, The Buzz" UNC Office of Technology Development's Carolina Innovations Seminars. November 9. Invited speaker.
  • "ibiblio futures." North Carolina Research and Education Network Community Day. December 8. Invited speaker.
  • Dan Gillmor
  • danah boyd
  • David Weinberger


  • Smallwood Foundation - $25,000 for Lyceum
  • IBM Shared University Research Grant - $20,000
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for folkstreams.net - $129,424


2006 Knowledge Trust Honors Award for Innovation

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