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[ New DMCA Exemptions Granted on Friday November 24, 2006]
[ New DMCA Exemptions Granted on Friday November 24, 2006]
[ the FAIR USE Act of 2007]
[ the FAIR USE Act of 2007]

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Article 1 Section 8 Phrase 8

Association of Research Libraries US Copyright Timeline

Promised and Delivered Public Domain

Four Factors in Fair Use

Orphan Works Problem

James Boyle on UK Extension and Orphan Works (in Financial Times)

Framed!! How Law Constructs and Constrains Culture at Duke Law

Bound by Law?

Open Source Licensing

Von Hippel's Democratizing Innovation (for download)

IBM income from licensed software and from Linux etc From Chapter 2 of Yochai Benkler's Wealth of Networks (Yale, 2006)

Creative Commons for alternative licenses

Free Culture The Student Movement

Carolina Open Source Initiative COSI

New DMCA Exemptions Granted on Friday November 24, 2006

the FAIR USE Act of 2007

Letter to United States Register of Copyrights asking for Copyright Database at affordable price

Library of Congress blog response to the letter

Entire US Copyright Database for download - October 2007 (post 1978 records only)

Public.Resource.Org! “Making Government Information More Accessible”

Uruguay Round Agreements Act vacated in US 10th Circuit Ars Technica April 6, 2009.

No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment

Google's version of the BookSearch Settlement

ARL's Google Book Search Library Project resource

A Guide for the Perplexed: Libraries & the Google Library Project Settlement (Nov. 13, ‘08) (23 page PDF)

New Questions from my blog

Older Questions from my blog

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