ISIS TechTuesdays Talk for January 23

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Announcement of the talk on the ISIS site

Contents is the Public's Library and Digital Archive

"We help people who want to share information freely and legally"

"We are now enjoying our 15th year of service to the Net."


What I said in 1992

Archives look for interesting collections; we look for interesting people creating interesting collections in interesting ways. We collect the collectors and empower them.

What I said in 2001

Open (source)ing the doors for contributor-run digital libraries Communications of the ACM. Volume 44, Issue 5 (May 2001). Pages: 45 - 46.

By adopting not only the open-source tools, but also the open-source philosophy encouraging community interaction and contributor involvement, digital libraries can open new horizons to new communities as well as greatly improve traditional services.

Duke Purchases Public Domain - April 1 2004

2006 of ibiblio

ibiblio-metrics 2002 v 2006

Four Communities

See also: "Strategies and Technologies of Sharing in Contributor-run Archives." Library Trends. Vol. 53, No. 4, Spring 2005. pp. 651-662.

Some Selected Archives

Four Big Ideas

  1. The Long Tail
  2. Democratizing Innovation
  3. Wealth of Networks
  4. Laws of Simplicity

Power of Contributors

  1. Craigslist
  2. Wikipedia
  3. YouTube
  4. Red Hat Linux
  5. FYI - receives about 4 requests for hosting a week.

Good for Contributors, Tough for Archives

  • Wikis - good versioning, multi-author, often database driven
  • Blogs - good archiving, poor versioning, comments (and articles) multi-author, often database driven
  • BBoards, Forums, etc - okay archiving, poor if any versioning, always multi-author, always database driven

Lyceum -- the Open Source Blogsphere

Gotta Talk about Tagging

What happened with ranking?

What new materials?

  • Databases - how to preserve?

Bad for All?

  • Spam - should it be archived?
  • Exploits - can they been removed effectively?
  • Who maintains the archives?
  • Should sensitive information be edited or removed from the archive?
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