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(Some ibiblio metrics: 2 database servers in 2002)
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|1 large server      ||  22 www/vhosts
|1 large server      ||  22 www/vhosts
|  || 5 database servers
|2 database servers || 5 database servers
|4 radio stations      || 7 radio stations
|4 radio stations      || 7 radio stations

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Contents is the Public's Library and Digital Archive

"We help people who want to share information freely and legally"

"We are now enjoying our 15th year of service to the Net."

Radically Dedicated to Open Source, Open Information and Open Access

  • Using Open Source software exclusively
  • Distributing Open Source software widely: nearly 150 Linux distributions, the Eclipse SDK, the Linux archive and many open source software mirrors
  • Fostering Open Source software projects
  • Fostering and participating in Open Source Documentation including The Linux Documentation Project
  • Hosting and fostering Open Source software discussions, in part through the ibiblio Speakers Series
  • Creating Open Source software projects in use worldwide including the Lyceum community blogging project and the Osprey Bittorrent distribution package, which we are using to distribute Linux ISOs and etree SHN recordings
  • Hosting Open Information sharing projects
  • Hosting and using Open Formats including ogg for radio, mp4 and mp7 for video, etc
  • Hosting and participating in International Creative Commons including iCommons

Some ibiblio metrics

2002 2006 (late)
800 Collections 1600+ Collections
3 million ftp+www/day 15+ million ftp+www/day
1 terabyte of data 8 terabytes of data
1 large server 22 www/vhosts
2 database servers 5 database servers
4 radio stations 7 radio stations

Some Notable Projects (hosted)

ibiblio on National Lambda Rail

National Lambda Rail Weather Map

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