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Open Source Licensing: The Basics, The Benefits, The Buzz
Paul Jones
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
School of Information and Library Science
Carolina Innovations Seminar Series
Office of Technology Development
Thursday November 9, 2006 ~ 5:15 to 6:15 in 014 Sitterson Hall

Principles and Freedoms

Some Definitions

What's the Difference?

FreeBSD vs GPL in pictures

Apache - doing their own thing but trying to conform

Some Major Players in Licenses and products

Your Ever-Evolving Resource - Wikipedia

Problems with the Public Domain

Problems and Fixes of Open Source Licenses

  1. Trademarks unaddressed in many
  2. Patents not clearly addressed
  1. Contract vs bare license
  2. Chain of licensing (provenance)
  3. Warranty (lacking intentionally of unaddressed)

Creative Commons for non-Software production

Breaking News

Useful News Sources

Books on Open Source and Free

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