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Just random so far. Please help arrange and categorize


Software sites

Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler aka STEM at the Eclipse Open Health Framework and more on STEM at IBM

european public health alliance

eclipse and public health (ibiblio is the eclipse bittorrent host now)

NetEPI Free, open source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice

Open source tools for population health epidemiology (more NetEpi in .AU)

Open Source Health Records Exchange

IBM Research's Interoperable Health Information Infrastructure

Open source GIS for public health and policy research

iHRIS - Intrahealth's HRIS for Capacity Project

DHIS - District Health Information System: aggregates and analyzes health management information from the district to the central level

Care2x - Health Facility Information System. By far the most popular OS health facility IS.

Software aggregation sites

SourceForge projects resulting in a search for "public health" (about 1140 at the time of this entry, but many of them not active) Evaluating which of these are useful and active will be a good but challenging project

Open Healthcare Framework and The Open Healthcare Framework blog

Software with potential Public Health uses

elgg - open source social networking

Vendor Relationship Management A Harvard/Berkman project that is the otherside of Customer Relationship Management systems. Could it be used for Health Provider Relationship Management?

Launchpad - Ubuntu's answer to SourceForge

Ubuntu, Edubuntu, etc Linux designed with the 3rd world in mind

Software from SourceForgeThis software list was obtained by doing an "exact match" search on the string "Public Health" on the SourceForge site.

In no way is this list exhaustive!

PHIELD The PHIELD PROJECT (Public Health Integration & Exchange of Lab Data) is focused on a cost effective solution to delivering laboratory data of public health significance to the appropriate legal jurisdictions.

Water and Sewer Licensing The goal of CUPHD Water project is to build an open source e-infrastructure for water licensing and inspections for health maintenance workers at the Champaign Public Health District (of Illinois), and other public health districts.

NetEpi The NetEpi project is developing open-source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice.

eBed eBed is a web-based application suite designed to assist hospitals manage the daily census of patients and to maintain information about each room. eBed has been modeled to manage patient flow and occupancy status of beds of any type and location.

Public Health and Hospital management Building a software which helps to manage public health by collecting data elements, indicator from every units and sending aggregated data to upper units. The system aims to improve capacity of decision maker by providing exact and full data in time.

Simple QUArantine Tracking System SQUATS - the Simple QUArantine Tracking System - is a web based isolation/quarantine tracking and monitoring system for use by hospitals and public health. This project is currently under rapid development in response to the recent SARS outbreak.

EpiSPIDER EpiSPIDER is a public health healthcare application that integrates of information from different distributed electronic resources and performs semantic processing of text visually represent information using graphic display, GIS and mapping technologies

News, talks and announcements

Larry Brilliant announces new Public Health group at google April 2007

Google Earth Outreach. Google Earth Pro for non-profits

Hans Rosling compelling talk on Global Health at TED July 5, 2006

SlashDot discussion from 2004 perhaps (too old to be of use)

Eclipse, Open Source and Pandemics interview with Dan Ford, a senior research staff member at IBM Research and a member of IBM's Healthcare and Life Sciences group. June 2007

IBM Gives Health Records Tech to Open Source Community (news release)

Google Summer of Code OpenMRS (news release)

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