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Timeline of our first 10 years with some primary sources
a recent table of some significant measures of growth in the past 4 years.
donald's nowhere-near-complete timeline of employee comings and goings
2006 ibiblio Annual Report
Index of ibiblio/MetaLab/SunSITE home pages over the past 15 years
The ibiblio press kit has good information and articles.
ibiblio described in less than one page (PDF)
We're better if we share. News and Observer January 16, 2005. (PDF version)
WEB AFFAIRS: Access to culture should remain free. The Nation (Thailand). Aug 18, 2003. PDF version
ibiblio selected trends and projects (PDF)
ibiblio Systems Central: Infrastructure and Hardware Details
Osprey project
Lyceum blogsphere project
Open (source)ing the doors for contributor-run digital libraries. (PDF) Communications of the ACM. Volume 44 , Issue 5 (May 2001).
Open (source)ing the doors for contributor-run digital libraries. (Japanese language version) (PDF) Communications of the ACM (2003).
Where Sharing Isn't a Dirty Word November 15, 2003. Or PDF version
Free as in Tibet: ibiblio's cultural cultivation and community creation. (PDF) OCLC Systems and Services: International Digital Library Perspectives. Vol. 20. Number 2 (2004).
The wide, wild world of ibiblio. The News and Observer. Raleigh, NC. March 12, 2003. Or PDF version
"Ask About 10 Years of Free Web Publishing" interview in SlashDot. July 29, 2002. Set Threshold to 4 or 5. You probably only want the Answers article below especially of you are printing.
Interviews: Ibiblio Director Paul Jones Answers Second part of Slashdot interview. August 7, 2002. Set Threshold to 4 or 5. Or PDF version
Recent citings in Google News
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