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Open Source Research Team at SILS

OSRT Software Projects

OSRT Papers

NeoRef Project: investigating novel technologies for publishing and sharing information for scholarly communications. Utilizes open source applications, and developed materials are openly shared. Example YouTube video describing NeoNote (annotation tool). All research work is done on NeoRef wiki, which is openly shared (although may require password to view do to spam issues). Contact: Prof Brad Hemminger (bmh@ils.unc.edu).


INLS 623 Databases II: utilizes all open materials, and all class materials are openly available (with the exception of textbook). Additionally, class work and projects are all openly published (creative commons license).

INLS 706 Informatics Reading Seminar: utilizes all electronically available papers. All class materials are openly published. All class work, paper reviews, annotations, and projects are all openly published (creative commons license).


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