Wyatt Jumping into falls Wynne Jumping into falls


Directions to Trashcan Falls. from Boone,NC:

Take hwy 421 going towards tenessee. take a left on hwy 321. go for approx 10 miles. after you pass over a flat concrete bride, there will be a small, dirt parking area right off the road on the right. once you park, cross the road. there you will find a short, narrow trail leading to the jump.

The last time the boys and I went up to Trashcan falls we stopped by the Lumber Yard and they gladly donated a 2" x12" x 8 Foot board to use a bridge. I hope it is still in place and has been of use to other adventures.

There are 3 jumps. approx 15, 20, and 30 feet, ours was the 15 foot variety.