To Be Excused

It is a law, unwritten sure,
but it's law just the same.
I learned it from my Grandma Lou --
well, that's not her full name.

It's Emma Lou, this is the South
and, yes, I like sweet tea;
and, no, I don't think or speak slow ...

Let's see, where was I?  Yes, the law,
now listen up, you hear?!
This law will serve you well, my friend,
you're best to hold it dear.

So here it is, this Southern law --
it's 'bout what you can say;
and that'd be anything you want
'bout people everyday.

Now this here law will pardon that
if that and it don't part.
To be excused from bein' mean
you just say "Bless his heart."          

Matt Ezzell