INLS 089: Lead a Class Session

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Many of the class sessions for this course will be devoted to seminar-style discussion. Every such class session, someone will lead the session. For the first few class sessions, this someone will be the instructor. After that, pairs of students will take on this task. Every student will be part of a pair that leads the class session once during the semester, and maybe twice, depending on course enrollment.

Leading a class session involves several components:

  1. Assign readings (or equivalent, such as videos) for the class. Readings should be relevant to the topic, and at the appropriate reading/comprehension level. Readings should be long enough to provide fodder for class discussion, but not so long that no one does them.
  2. Create an assignment for the class. Assignments should require your fellow students to interact with the readings (or equivalent) prior to class. One possibility for this assignment is to have your classmates write a blog post: for that assignment, you should develop some discussion questions that your classmates could write about.
  3. Evaluate the assignment deliverables. Student pairs will create criteria according to which your assignment deliverables will be evaluated, then write brief narrative feedback on your classmates' deliverables.
  4. Ask the opening question. The function of the opening question is to kick off a class discussion. The question must be open-ended and sufficiently interesting to prompt significant discussion. The question should be grounded in the readings (or equivalent) for the class session, but does not have to focus on a specific point from a specific reading: the question may be, for example, about a current event, provided that the readings have implications for the current event.

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