INLS 089: Participation

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See my course policies for guidance on participation.

Online Participation Portfolio

In order to maintain an active online discussion, all students must post at least this 1 post and at least 2 comments on others' posts per week.

At the end of the semester, students will propose a grade that you believe you deserve for your online participation. To provide evidence for this grade proposal, students will submit a "portfolio" containing examples of their online participation: 5 examples of your best posts and 5 examples of your best comments. Your posts and comments should include examples of all interaction types: see my Course Grading Rubric. The examples in your portfolio must be spread out across the semester. This portfolio should be a post, containing links to your previous posts and comments. Please tag your posts with the tag participation portfolio.

I reserve the right to accept, raise, or lower the grade you propose, based on quality of evidence as articulated in my Course Grading Rubric.

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