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A Google a day is a game, of sorts, that tests your Google search skills. There is a new puzzle every day.

Play a Google a day. Submit a maximum of 5 answers throughout the course of the semester.

I have embedded the a Google a day widget into this page on the course site. Post your answer in the Comments, along with an explanation of your search process. Your answer must: (1) be well-sourced, and (2) match the official answer. Feel free to also submit your answer to a Google a day.

Each a Google a day submission you make (to the course site, not to Google), subject to the following caveats, is worth 1 point.


  • First come first served: Only the first student to submit an a Google a day answer to the course site on any given day gets the points.
  • Today only: Only answers to the current day's a Google a day gets the points.
  • Maximum: You can submit maximum of 5 answers over the course of the semester. If you submit more than 5 answers, I will just stop counting at 5, so don't bother. The semester is 15 weeks long (from the first to the last day of classes, not including exam period). That's 105 days. This course has an enrollment of approximately 24 students. That comes to approximately 4.4 days per student (do the math). You may answer 4 days' worth of a Google a day questions in a row, or spread your answers out throughout the semester. But bear in mind that you're competing with your classmates for time, so stay on top of it.

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