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Each homework exercise will be assigned prior to a specific class session. You should do the homework exercise prior to that class session, and, at a minimum, come prepared to discuss your work. You may also be required to write a post to the course site, documenting your work.

Wikipedia: Create an account

Create a Wikipedia account.

Watch this video on creating an account.

Add your username to the class list of Wikipedia usernames.

Optional: Create a User page for yourself.

Wikipedia: History & Talk

Identify a Wikipedia article on a controversial topic (e.g., Affordable Care Act, Thomas Jefferson and slavery, etc. This presidential election season is ripe with controversial topics.). Identify the Talk page for this article.

Watch the Talk pages tutorial video.

Read the Talk page. Identify the topics that generate controversy. How could you become better informed about these topics? Find some sources relevant to these topics. Identify some information that you could contribute to the discussion on the Talk page. Leave suggestions for improving the article on the Talk page.

Citation management: Create an account

Select a citation management application that you will use throughout the rest of the semester. Create an account.

We will have a demo of some citation management applications in class. Watch these tutorial videos, if it will help you decide: Zotero, Refworks


Come up with a question that would be difficult or impossible to find an answer for on Google. (e.g., ).

Go to Wolfram|Alpha


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