INLS 200: Interaction with a librarian

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You will seek assistance on your research paper from a librarian, and write a post evaluating the interaction and its outcomes.

Once you have your topic more or less finalized, identify a library where you can go to get assistance from a librarian on campus). Ask the librarian for assistance with some aspect of your research: help with locating resources on a specific sub-topic, help with using a the databases the library subscribes to, whatever.

When your interaction with a librarian is completed, write a post discussing the interaction. Use whatever evaluation criteria you think are appropriate: Did the librarian help you find new and useful resources? Do you think the librarian understood your research topic well enough to helpfully guide you? How well or poorly do any new resources fit in with the prior materials you've identified? Etc. Read the RUSA's Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers. These criteria may be helpful.

Obviously there are many libraries on campus that you can go to for assistance. If you go to a campus library, you may want to select one that specializes in the broad area whence your research topic derives (e.g., Health Sciences, Music, Journalism). If there is no such specialized library on campus, you may want to identify a librarian who specializes in the area of your research topic. If you identify a specific librarian with whom you would like to interact, I recommend that you make an appointment. Feel free to also go to any other library, either locally or out of town (when you're visiting home, for example).

Post these evaluations to the course site. Give your post the category Librarian Interaction.

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