INLS 200: News Assignment

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For this assignment you must:

  1. Find 3 stories currently in the news that are relevant to Information & Library Science. These stories may be related to your research topic, to the topics covered in this course, or just within the scope of Information & Library Science generally.
  2. Post 3 entries to the course blog in which you discuss your news item.

These 3 posts will be due approximately every 4 weeks throughout the semester, though you may make your post at any time up to the due date. Since you presumably have no way to control what is in the news around the time when you will be posting, your news story may be 1 or 2 weeks old.

Information & Library Science is a very broad field and crosses over with many other fields, so a story from any section of your favorite news source is fair game.

Your post should be brief, just a few sentences. Your post must include 2 elements:

  1. Your discussion of the news story, and
  2. A link to the news story itself, if it's from an online news source, or a citation to the story if it's from a print source.

You must also read & comment on others' posts of news stories. A news story that someone else posts may give you something to post about later, if the news develops over time. Also a post on a topic related to your research question may provide you with some leads that you hadn't thought of.

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