INLS 490-121: Collaborative Writing Exercise

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From Jeff's blog post on the Ning site:

Anyway, Paul and I were discussing this. And we thought that a collaborative writing exercise is still a useful final project for the class. And so we propose a not-manifesto, in which we will attempt to capture the range of definitions of what Library 2.0 is; the range of topics that it covers and merely touches on; the range of implications for changing libraries, the information professions more broadly, and all of the other areas that we've found ourselves in this semester.

The way we thought would make sense for this to work is that everyone gets, say, 3 paragraphs, plus or minus, to discuss whatever topic you want. It would of course make sense for your writing topic to come from your team teaching topic, but that's not necessary. It could come from your demo: short-form communication was clearly a hot topic when Erin demoed Twitter. It could come from a reading that you particularly liked or disliked. There has been a lot of discussion of the merits of open source and open access and why they're consistent with the philosophy of librarianship. Whatever. Choose a sub-topic under the very broad umbrella of Library 2.0, and write a bit about it, and what it implies for library functions, services, users, future, etc.

A good place to start on this, I think, is the 2 gDocs that we have listed under Important Links on the front page of the Ning site: