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Please note

This syllabus is under development.

See Hugh Cayless' syllabus

See W3Schools' XML tutorial

Course description

XML is everywhere, even though you may not notice it much. Technologies like RSS, AJAX, and SVG are changing the way the Web works. XML is used in business to business communication, publishing, data storage, document formats, and many, many other areas. This class will cover the basics of XML's rules and syntax and then go on to explore related topics like XHTML, RSS, AJAX, OpenDocument, SVG, transforming XML, printing XML, XML for documents, and XML for data. Students should have a basic knowledge of HTML and web page creation, including CSS. Database and scripting experience (e.g., JavaScript) would be useful, but is not required.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a new XML document for a specific use case.
  • Develop XML elements and attributes for a specific use case.
  • Develop a new DTD to define XML documents.



Unit 0 (optional, if needed): W3Schools HTML Tutorial and W3Schools JavaScript Tutorial

Knowledge of HTML is a necessary prereq to this course. Go to Codecademy and complete their HTML & CSS for Beginners track. (Only HTML Basics I, II, & III?) (If you already know HTML, do it anyway & stop arguing with me. It will take you almost no time.)

Submit a link to your badges for ...

Link to your achievements page on Codecademy. For example, here's mine.

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course, & Introduction to Markup

Unit 2: How to read a W3C Recommendation

Unit 3: RSS and Atom Syndication

Unit 4: XSLT

Unit 5: DTDs

Unit 6: TEI

Unit 7: XQuery

W3Schools XML Tutorial