INLS 501: Future of Information Services Case Study

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During the course of the semester, you will read literature about information services, sources, and contexts; and you will get experience with providing information service, and using information sources, in a variety of contexts. All of this will (it is hoped) contribute to your understanding of the current state of information services. The goal of this final assignment is for you to use this understanding, your own experiences, additional reading, and your creativity, to inform your brainstorming about the future of a specific information service.

We will be considering a case study of a specific academic library that is contemplating significant changes to its service model and its approach to its collection. You will be provided with a case study document to frame your thinking, and librarians from the library in question will be guest speakers in our class.

The class will, by the end of the semester, collectively write a set of recommendations and suggestions for the library in question. Be creative. The class is taking on the role of external consultant for this assignment, so the final work must be presented as a report, supported by appropriate literature and appendices.

This report will be submitted to the library in question, at the end of the semester. However, only I will assign the final grade. I will grade this assignment on your knowledge and understanding of information services and sources as covered by class readings and discussions, your ability to incorporate your ideas and outside readings, your ability to think creatively about the future of information services and sources, and your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and convincingly.

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