INLS 501: Instruction Observation

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Instruction is an important aspect of public service librarianship... but for many, including former teachers, it is a source of mystery, confusion, and anxiety. You will read about, and in class we will discuss information literacy, instructional design, and some of the goals and techniques librarians use in their instruction. The goal of this assignment is to expose you to two different types of library instruction and get you thinking about the elements that make for a successful instruction session.

You will sign up to observe one instruction session from the UNC libraries' Community Workshop Series. A calendar of sessions for you to choose from will be made available after the start of the semester.

After attending the session, will write a brief report critically analyzing the session. Post your report to the course discussion forum. Note the session's goals, content, delivery methods, etc. This report should be around 2-4 pages (if you were to print it, which you do not need to do) and include references (in APA) to relevant literature. If you are conducting your observation and writing your report after others have already done theirs, compare and contrast between your experience and others' experiences.

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