INLS 740: Digital Library Review Template

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This template is meant to guide your DL Review presentation: some attributes on the template may not be applicable to some DLs, and some DLs may include other attributes not on the template.

DL Name


DL Mission


  1. What is the user community(-ies)?
  2. Who are the stakeholders (sponsors, partners, funders, host institution(s), etc.)? Who actually operates the DL?
  3. How is the DL funded? Is this sustainable?
  4. How does the DL interoperate/cooperate with other DLs?

Content (Collection Development Policy)

  1. What does the DL contain (type, media, volume)?
  2. What will it contain in 5 years? Is there a formal collection development policy?
  3. Who can add objects to the collection?
  4. How is it organized (what are the basic units of the collection? Collections/aggregations? What metadata is used for each?) What metadata standards have been adopted?
  5. If the DL is part of a physical library, how are digital and physical objects related? (e.g., are there digital pointers to physical objects or vice versa?)


  1. What is the access policy (e.g., free web, subscription, membership, etc.)?
  2. What search services are provided (e.g., single search engine for entire DL? Alternative modes [e.g., basic, advanced])?
  3. How is selection/browsing managed?
  4. Are reference services offered (e.g., FAQ, email queries, query form, chat, etc.)?
  5. Is help or instruction available?


  1. Where do the files/dbs/server(s) reside?
  2. What are the hardware (compute and network) components?
  3. What interface techniques are used (assumptions about user expertise, interaction style supported [command/form-fill/menu/direct manipulation/visualizations], control mechanisms provided [frames, java apps])?
  4. Are there special security or quality of service provisions?
  5. Are there specific research and development problems this DL addresses?

Publications, related URLs, etc.

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