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Each homework exercise will be assigned prior to a specific class session. You should do the homework exercise prior to that class session, and, at a minimum, come prepared to discuss your work. You may also be required to write a post to the course site, documenting your work.

Collection Development

Your task: Define a distributed digital library collection

Find some content on the web that is related to your group's project, that if it were possible, you might want to include in your DL. These digital objects may be stored in one or more repositories. Identify where these digital objects are stored. Define the "control zone" for the DL. Develop a collection policy.


Your task: Digitize one or more images and do all necessary post-processing

Use one or more items from your own personal collection: old family photos, your child's artwork, whatever. Digitize these on whatever scanning equipment you have access to. Create an archival master file.

We will have a class session held in the SILS computer lab classroom. During that session you will color-correct and otherwise "fix" the image and create a production master file. Create a derivative file that could be used in your DL.

Information Architecture

Your task: Create wireframes for your DL

Develop a set of 3+ wireframes for different types of pages that may exist in your DL: at a minimum, develop wireframes for the front page, the page on which individual items are displayed, and a page that aggregates or provides access to a sub-collection. You may create these wireframes by hand, if you're confident in your artistic abilities, or use any of the many free or freemium wireframing tools that you like.

Note that the DL application you use will constrain your design choices. For this exercise, ignore the constrains imposed on you by your platform, and create wireframes as if you had complete freedom to design the information architecture and user experience of your DL.


Your task: Develop a model for interoperability between your DL and another online collection

Identify another collection of digital objects that relates to your DL project. Identify the file formats, metadata formats, and other standards used by that other collection. Write a brief set of rules for your DL that would enable a discovery tool to retrieve items from both collections.


Your task: Identify metadata standards for your DL

Identify one or more metadata standards that might be appropriate for your DL. Identify the elements and values that might be most useful. Determine if there is a pre-existing crosswalk from these metadata standards to Dublin Core; if there is not, create a draft crosswalk.


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