INLS 740: Metadata Weekly Reports

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Eric will be the ContentDM point person for the group; KeAnne and Janice are establishing fields and mapping to Dublin Core. Eric is looking to ask Elizabeth about metadata sources over at the Archive tomorrow, and the possibility of digitization entering basic item metadata into a skeletal ContentDM structure.


The Metadata group met again and compared notes on the tasks from the 9/28/2008 meeting.


KeAnne emailed Elizabeth with some metadata questions about her thoughts on the previous metadata group's spreadsheet as well as her needs/goals for the metadata portion of the project.

Elizabeth responded that she liked the previous group's spreadsheet and thought it was a good model to follow. She also indicated that the biggest problem was the tension between the item- and group-level metadata and having both for the finding aid and CONTENTdm


The Metadata group met online to discuss a way forward. The following issues were discussed: The need to do, possibly, four things concerning metadata:

1) choose appropriate fields from ContentDM data dictionary

2) map those fieldsto their Dublin Core equivalents for Greenstone

3) populate the fields by looking at the scanned images and entering that info into a spreadsheet (that sounds like actually doing the work) and

4) convert the spreadsheet into a CSV and upload

The group agreed to research what has already been done regarding nos. 1 & 2; nos. 3 and 4 were considered to be more of the 'grunt-work,' while nos. 1 & 2 are prior conditions, which likely have some already established form vis-a-vis the project at hand.

A real necessity was felt to get in contact with Dr. Pomerantz and the Digitization Group, from whom we are downstream in the work flow.

Functions were delegated for the week: KeAnne to email Elizabeth and Steven; Eric to update the report; Janice to be on point with Jeff.


The Metadata group is currently reading the report from last semester's metadata and standards groups. Our first stage is a consideration of the minimum metadata necessary to get up and running.