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This assignment serves a dual purpose:

  1. To get you thinking about how to conduct a formative evaluation of a DL that is still under development, and
  2. To provide you with constructive and actionable feedback on your work and planning accomplished to date, in sufficient time to make modifications to your work if appropriate.

There will be one checkpoint during the course of the semester, just after midterm.

For the checkpoint, your working group should prepare a brief post, in which you describe your work and planning to date. This post should include your agenda and action plan, as well as a summary of work accomplished and a plan for future work. Posts may also include such items as: sketches, concept maps, wireframes, To Do lists, etc. Please tag your posts with the tag Checkpoint.

I will provide feedback on each checkpoint post. Individual students must provide feedback on at least 2 posts from working groups of which you are not a part. Post this feedback in the Comments of the appropriate posts. For your feedback, consider the following: Have you come across information, in the course of working on your project or in your environmental scanning, that might be useful to this working group? Do you have experience with a piece of technology / set of standards / process / etc. that this working group is working with? Might your working group be able to collaborate with this working group on some aspect of your project?

Note: The commentary that your working group receives will be from a range of perspectives. You will agree with some comments and you will disagree with some. Discuss the feedback that you get among the members of your working group. You do not need to implement all suggestions that you receive. Implement only those suggestions that your group deems appropriate: those that are consistent with the goals of your DL, those that may be useful, those that are technically feasible, etc.

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