INLS 740: Digital Libraries (Fall 2008)

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Course Management

Schedule and assigned readings

Discussion forum

Grading and policies

Digital Library Project (Group Area)


Semester project: Building a Digital Library


Digital Library Review

IPL Data Analysis


Jeffrey Pomerantz
Assistant Professor
School of Information and Library Science
Office: 306 Manning Hall
Office hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 1-2 pm
Phone: 962-8064

Course Description

This course will address research and development issues in digital libraries, including: collection development and digitization; text and multimedia materials; metadata; interoperability; architecture; searching and services; economic, legal, and social policies such as copyright; and management and evaluation. Students will read and discuss literature on DLs, evaluate a DL of their choice, and work as a group to develop a prototype DL.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will:

  1. Understand the technologies involved in the construction of digital libraries,
  2. Be able to make collection development decisions for building a digital library,
  3. Be able to make decisions regarding the implementation of services and automation for a digital library,
  4. Be able to evaluate a digital library with regard to its content and user base,
  5. Be able to be involved in the construction and maintenance of a digital library.


There is one required text for this course:

Witten, I. H., & Bainbridge, D. (2003). How to Build a Digital Library. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufman Publishers.

Available in the bookstore and on reserve in the SILS library. Also available from Amazon or any online bookseller.

All readings will be assigned on the course Schedule. Readings not from HtBaDL will be available on the free web, as an e-journal, via the Library's e-reserves, or via this wiki.