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This course has no prerequisites, but that actually is kind of a problem: digital libraries exist at the intersection of most, if not all of the topics under the broad umbrella of the Information and Library Science curriculum. So in order to develop DLs, you need an understanding of the lifecycle of documents; metadata creation and use; information architecture, user experience, and narrative flow; service design and provision; copyright law; database development; programming and software development... in other words, you need a background in the entire ILS curriculum in order to do DL work intelligently. Sadly, having the entire ILS curriculum as a prereq to this course is just not feasible. So we do the best we can.

That said, one of the most important areas of background for doing DL work is technology competency, in particular database and programming skills. I therefore recommend that you take the following courses:

  • INLS 523: Database Systems I: Introduction to Databases
  • INLS 560: Programming
  • INLS 572: Web Development I
  • INLS 582: Systems Analysis
  • INLS 623: Database Systems II: Intermediate Databases
  • INLS 672: Web Development II
  • INLS 723: Database Systems III: Advanced Databases

I also recommend the following sites, which contain tutorials and other educational materials on a variety of topics:

Materials that build on the content and ideas in this course include:

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