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The Prism's volunteers were proud to have served the Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill, NC area with alternative news and views for 10 years.

From April of 1990 until August of 2000, the paper was printed monthly per year and distributed for free throughout the Triangle.  All labor was volunteered and all costs are paid by donations and advertisements.

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updated 15 October 2000
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SURGE Conference
at UNC-Chapel Hill
On October 14-15, 2000, SURGE (Students United for a Responsible Global Economy) held a conference on issues and on training people to become active to pursue the issues of social justice in which they believe.
Conference-day interviews
Listen(RealAudio, 14 min)
Jeff Saviano talked to two conference organizers and four attendees who gave a general idea of what was going on at the conference and what was hoped to come from it.  (Clip #1 has the interview with two of the conference organizers and one attendee;  Clip #2 has the remaining attendees.)

NC Activists Panel discussion

On Saturday SURGE hosted a discussion panel of leaders of North Carolina activism.

In this clip, Dan Coleman (worked much with the Orange County, NC Greens and many other groups) discusses how to draw connections between optimism of the spirit and the intellect, between different activist groups, and between the campus and the community.
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We hope to make portions of the other panelists' discussions online as well, as soon as time allows and given some very odd technical difficulties with the equipment recording the speeces.

The Matt & Jeff Show
   A 15-minute review of local (Triangle, NC) news and events.
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(30 Sep 2000)
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Earlier Shows
-- 09 Sep 2000 : Listen
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   Feminist Action Forum
at UNC-Chapel Hill
On September 23rd, 2000, the Coalition for Gender Equality (FLOWIN) organized the Feminist Action Forum, a full day's worth of presentations, workshops, and group discussions for action.
Conference-day interview
Listen(RealAudio, 4 min 10 sec)
Interview at the conference (Saturday, 23 September 2000) on the exhibit The Century Project, "a series of nude photographs accompanied by highly personal and moving statements by women whose lives span 100 years. The words and pictures combine to form a powerful statement about body image, society's portrayal of women in the media, sexuality, pornography, and women's health issues," according to photographer Frank Cordelle.
  Listen to the impact the exhibit had.
Republican Convention Protesters
Press conference from activists returning from protests against Republican Party Convention in Philadelphia, held at Internationalist Books.
(1) Opening statements from Andrew Pearson, Wendy Dale, Darren Hunicutt, Dannette Sharpley (in order of appearance)
Opening Statement (28.8K or 56K streaming RealAudio)

(2) Statement from Dale on her arrest and jail conditions
- Released on bail, Dale testified that police brutality characterized her arrest for nonviolent protest as well as her incarceration for over 50 hours
Wendy Dale (28.8K or 56K streaming RealAudio)

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10th Anniversary Issue
August 2000

Wednesday 09 August 2000
Protesters at Republican Convention 
Endured Harsh Treatment

NC residents who protested the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia held a press conference, located at and sponsored by Internationalist Books, Chapel Hill, NC.

Published Statements

Internationalist Books urgently requests financial assistance for bail and support costs for locals who were arrested.
- Call (919) 942-1740
- or e-mail to <>

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Since the printed edition of the newspaper has been halted, no regular schedule for other activities, such as website updates and audio or video materials, has been established.  If such updates continue, we will do everything possible--as we always have--to make participation as easy and clearly scheduled as possible.

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