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LDP update

- Backlog of HOWTOs have been processed (up thru 14Mar2000).

- The problem(s) with the PDF HOWTOs has been corrected (out-of-order
  table of contents entries, etc.). The PDF files have been re-created
  and are available.

- PDF copies for the mini HOWTOs are now available.

- The HOWTO Index now includes the title, date of the last update, and
  a /brief/ description for each (full and mini) HOWTO. If there are
  suggestions for a better format, or any other changes necessary,
  let me know. We had received requests to modify the format to include
  such data so that it would be less cryptic.

- The problem with plain text HOWTOs containing terminal backspace
  characters has been corrected. Those files have been cleaned up as
  well and are available.


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