The Beekeeping Book Faq

A short list of beekeeping and beekeeping related books. Contributions
from sci.agriculture.beekeeping, bee-l and from real life. Contributors
names are not included--if you want to know who suggested what book,
e-mail me and I'll dig up the original e-mail I received. The books are
listed by topic.

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*** Beginner Beekeeping Books: ***

The best book for beginners is Richard Taylor's _HOW TO DO IT_.
It is published by A.I.Root Company, Medina, Ohio 44256.

For the beginner: _First_Lessons_in_Beekeeping_, Dadant Press.  It's
elementary, but covers all the bases that one needs to get started ( I
think this one is confusing--Ed.)

Walter Kelley's _How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey_.

_The Beekeepers Handbook_, 1986, Sammmataro, D. and Avitable, Alphonse,
New York, Macmillian, 1986. ISBN 0-02-081410-0.

*** Practical Management Books ***
 (includes queen rearing, and comb honey production)

_Beekeeping_ Australian book, It was first published in Victoria,
Australia, as _Beekeeping in Victoria_ , circa 1925. It has had a host of
revisions since and has been expanded and revised. It is produced by the
Agriculture Department.

_HONEY BY THE TON_, by Oliver Field, of Berkshire, UK.

Roger Morse and Ted Hooper's  illustrated encyclopedia:
_The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping_.

_The Art of Beekeeping_, William Hamilton (1945)Herald Printing Works.

_Guide to Bees and Honey_, Ted Hooper, Rodale Press??

McGregor    _Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants_.   A basic reference
book, needs to be updated, but still the best there is.

_Almond Pollination Handbook_, Joe Traynor . Some very practical tips on
maximizing pollination on most any crop.

_Beekeeping - A complete Owner's Manual_ ,by Werner
Melzer.  Published by Barron's ISBN 0-8120-4089-9.  

_Hive Management - A seasonal Guide for Beekeepers_ by Richard E. Bonney,
published by Garden Way Publishing, ISBN 0-88266-637-1.

_The Hive and the Honey Bee_ , Dadant, (this is the seminal Beekeeping and
Honey Bee reference book, Ed.)

_The A,B,C's and X,Y,Z's of Beekeeping_, A.I. Root.

(most valuable as an antique) is:
The Practical Bee Guide   --  A Manual of Modern Beekeeping by The
Rev. J. G. Digges, M.A.   (Expert, and Member of the Examining Board, Irish
Beekeepers Association Editor , "Irish Bee Journal".)Published in 1910 it
is a masterpiece of English Literature.

_Honey_in_the_Comb_ by E. Killion.  The title is
unfortunate because the book is good for all beekeepers whether they
intend to make comb honey or not.

_Contemporary_Queen_Rearing_, Harry Laidlaw.

_Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey_ Brother Adam.

_Breeding The Honeybee_ Brother Adam.

*** Honey Bee Biology ***

_The Hive and the Honeybee_ Dadant.

_The Biology of the Honey Bee_, Mark Winston, ISBN 0-674-07409-2

_The Honey Bee_, Gould and Gould, ISBN 0-7167-5023-6 (out of print?)

*** Anecdotal or Narrative Beekeeping Books ***

_Bees Are My Business _   Harry Whitcomb.

_Following the Bloom_ by Douglas Whynott/1991 Beacon Press .

_Bees and Their Keepers_ by Richard Trump/Iowa State U. Press,Ames 1987.

and _The_Art_and_Adventure_of_Beekeeping_ Both by Ormand Aebi.

_The Book of Bees_ , Sue Hubbel.

For entertainment with a beekeeping slant Gene Stratton-
Porter. 1925 Doubleday _A Keeper of Bees_ is a slightly moralistic
little tale for any aged reader.

_50 Years Among the Bees_,  .C.C. Miller.

_The Bee Hunter_, James Fenimore Cooper.

*** Children's Beekeeping Books ***

_BEES_, Gallimard Jeunesse, Ute Fuhr, and Raoul Sautai
A First Discovery Book, Scholastic Inc.
New York  Toronto  London  Auckland  Sydney.

*** Bee and Hive Products ***

_Super Formulas_ , Elain C. White (Honey and wax recipies).

_Beeswax and Candlemaking_ , Richard Taylor.

 *** Information that's not Management Related ***

_Archeology of Beekeeping_, Eva Crane.

_ A Book of Honey_ , Eva Crane.

_American Honey Plants_, Frank Pellet.


Since there are myriad beekeeping books and references, and this was the
first attempt to list some of them, from citizens on the Internet, THERE
book, e-mail and I'll include the book next time.

Finding these books:

I'd suggest the library first, then your nearest University library. If
you have a *borrowed book* you can see if you really want to purchase it by
reading it. If you still want to purchase it, having the actual book in
front of you gives all the necessary information to a book retailer on how
to order the book. Some will be out of print, but can still be found with
luck /digging. As a last resort, post to sci.agriculture.beekeeping  and
maybe someone there will be able to help.

Happy reading,


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