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Schorn, H.E., C.J. Bell, S.W. Starratt, and D.W. Wheeler (1994) A Computer-Assisted Annotated Bibliography and Preliminary Survey of Nevada Paleobotany. Open-File Report 94-441B (Macintosh Version) of the United States Geological Survey.

This annotated bibliography contains 520 publication entries and approximately 175 locality entries (usually resolved to topographic map quadrangle). Five appendices provide indexing of all entries by quadrangle, county, geologic unit, age, and subject or type(s) of fossils.

This bibliography is available in three formats:

Both OF 94-441B (Mac) and OF 94-441C (DOS) require the use of ProCite, a commercial package, or other software that can read ProCite database files.

For further details, contact:

Howard Schorn,

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