Database of Research Institutions in Tropical Ecology

German Society for Tropical Ecology


The database contains detailed information on 700 institutions all over the world (mainly universities and museums) that carry out research in tropical ecology. The database includes the geographical areas where the institutions are active and the fields of research, described in nearly 50 keywords and free text fields.

This database is available in several versions, formatted for popular PC and Mac applications, via anonymous FTP from, in the directory /pub/ecotrop/.

For more information, contact

		Database Project
		c/o Dr. G. Riethmacher
		GTZ, Tropenoekologisches Begleitprogramm
		PO Box 5180
		65726 Eschborn

		Tel:  +49-6196-793288
		Fax:  +49-6196-797413

HINT: Comments, and especially testimonials, from users of this database would be very helpful for justifying further investment in this project.

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